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Meet the “Sunrise Agenda,” a progressive path for Florida

By Mark Ferrulo
Editorial for The Florida Phoenix

The Sunrise Agenda recognizes that the focus of our state government must be on the people who make Florida work every day: people like our teachers, retirees, nurses, and small business owners.

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Partisan divide: Democrats and Republicans lay out two visions for Florida at 2019

By Julie Hauserman and Mitch Perry
Florida Phoenix

“For too long, hard-working Floridians have been struggling to make ends meet, while the wealthiest and the well-connected among us have rigged the rules to benefit themselves,” said state Senate Minority Leader Audrey Gibson of Jacksonville.

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Florida’s Legislative Session Begins With A Division In Ideas

By Matthew Arrojas, Cat Gloria and Gabriella Paul
WUFT Gainesville

A coalition of progressive organizations including Planned Parenthood, alongside Democratic legislators from both the House and the Senate spearheaded the Sunrise Agenda, which outlines ideas from the expansion of Medicaid to pro-LGBTQ non-discrimination mandates in the workplace.

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Gov. Ron DeSantis opens 1st Legislature with wide-ranging speech

By John Kennedy
Palm Beach Post

Democrats, unions and allied organizations also followed the State of the State speech with their own Sunshine Agenda, touching on issues they say are overlooked by DeSantis and Republican leaders, including a demand for increasing the state’s minimum wage, expanding Medicaid and support for improving traditional public schools.

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