About The Sunrise Agenda

Floridians need leaders who will put them first and work together to build an economy that works for everyone. For too long we’ve seen working families struggle while the big corporations and wealthy special interests get all the breaks. The conservative majority continues to rig the rules and is more interested in protecting their power than enacting an agenda that improves the lives of everyday Floridians who make Florida’s economy work– retirees, nurses, teachers and small business owners.

Conservatives have had a stranglehold on state government for over two decades.  Their leaders have pushed an agenda that delivers tax breaks to big corporations and rolls back investments in our schools and communities and protections for workers and the environment.  Under their stewardship, Big Pharma’s CEOs continue to rake in record profits and seniors and working families are still struggling to afford the cost of their prescriptions. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Florida’s progressives believe that it’s a new day here in the Sunshine State and that the Sunrise Agenda puts Floridians first, prioritizing our health, our economy, our students, our environment and our people. By standing with us, together we can change the direction of Florida.